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Replacement Graphics Cassette for Merlin

From: £65.00

If you have a Merlin Roller Banner, then you can easily update your graphics by ordering one of these cassettes. The cassettes can very easily be replaced, they are also a convenient size and shape to store if need be.

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What You Get

Replacement Cassette Graphics for Merlin Roller Banner

  • A Merlin graphic cassette (either 850mm wide or 1000mm wide)
  • Bespoke-printed graphic (either 850mm wide or 1000mm wide) attached and rolled inside the cassette
  • Top snap-rail attached


Name Merlin 850 Merlin 1000 850 Cassette 1000 Cassette
Overall Width 885mm 1035mm
Overall Height 2105mm 2105mm
Overall Depth 190mm 190mm
Graphic Width 850mm 1000mm 850mm 1000mm
Graphic Height 2150mm 2150mm 2150mm 2150mm
Visible Graphic Width 850mm 1000mm 850mm 1000mm
Visible Graphic Height 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm

Additional information

Graphic Cassette Size

Replacement Cassette for Merlin (850mm wide), Replacement Cassette for Merlin (1000mm wide)


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